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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinterest in the Classroom

Pinterest in the classroom

I was at an Algebra I lesson study meeting today, and I found myself starting sentences with "I got this idea from Pinterest..." a lot...  When I first heard of Pinterest, it was a source for delicious brownie recipes and sewing projects I did not have the skills to complete.  As time went on, it turned into inspiration for holiday decorations, cleaning tips, and DIY home projects I passed onto my husband.  Most recently, I've discovered that there are some fabulous ideas for teachers floating around Pinterest.    As you can see, my classroom organization still is lacking, but this picture shows two ideas I found on Pinterest.  

I found magnetic whiteboard borders at my local CM's to outline the daily Learning Objectives and Homework assignments for my classes.  I have to drop my daughter off at 7 am, and pick her up at 3:30, so my before and after school time is limited.  Admin really wants us to post daily learning objectives, however, I am still trying to figure out my own procedure for doing this to make sure it is done prior to the first bell.

Off to the side, I've created a place for a post-it note "exit ticket" arranged by seating chart.  When I assign new seats, the students are given coordinates, such as "C3".  This means that they are in Row C, seat 3.  At the end of the period, the students do a problem on a post-it note, solve it, and then put it on their seat.  I've done this twice now, and I like how it works.  I can quickly see who gets the question correct, and who doesn't.  I gave my Algebra I students an inequality to solve with a negative coefficient on a white post-it note on Tuesday of this week.  About half got the question correct.  I put a green post-it on the students who go the question incorrect.  On Wednesday, those students had to fix the problem on the green post-it and put it back.  I have 4 periods of Pre Calculus, and don't have an endless supply of post-it notes.  This may be just an Algebra I activity.